It’s been a while ride, and I’m happy to announce that I have opened a restaurant in Chinatown, called LATELY! We are serving contemporary comfort food, in the heart of Chinatown, in the Mandarin Plaza. Visit us Monday through Saturday from 8am-3pm M-F. And starting February 1st, we’ll be open Saturday AND Sunday 9am-3pm.

Click through above, to see some images of the place!

The high dive

Bang Bang comes to life, first save-the-date sent

I cannot stress enough the amount of sheer joy, exhilaration, and adrenaline pumping through my veins right now.

Remember when we were kids, and the community swimming pool was where everyone gathered to socialize, goof off, exude a false, yet cunningly disguised, sense of coolness? The pool was like a trial, a grand stage, where one was given the rare opportunity to sling shot into misguided popularity, and [for at least one day] an invisible crown of pre-teen respect. On the flip side, this was also the place where the tables could so swiftly and abruptly turn. Diminishing otherwise hunky dudes, to harrowing exile-- far from any popular beach towel circles they had ever once laid upon...

The judge for these summer popularity contests? The high dive.

That's right, the infamous, meet-your-maker, no mercy high dive. And don't think that bronzed, perpetually dazed, Wendy Peffercorn-type over there in the lifeguard tower will save you. Oh no, if she has to jump in after you? Death wish, guaranteed. Imminent destruction of any dreams you've ever had of being first in line at the slide, and certainly no inner towel circle for you. The high dive separated the wimps from the leaders. It was your golden ticket to popularity, in other words every 11-year-old's dream.

Getting up on that high dive, the faint sound of laughter and whistles far far below you, the prickly texture beneath your twitchy toes, and the shortness of breath... The realization that you are quite literally standing at the precipice of something magical. The remarkable opportunity to go forward and take the dive, make the jump, face your fears, all under the watchful and possibly scrutinizing eyes of your peers, strangers, friends, competitors... Your heart is in your throat, you feel clammy, heart palpitating, questioning every decision you've ever made, mostly the one wherein you decided to climb that never-ending ladder, leaving the other kids behind you, powered by some inner strength and desire you aren't sure you recognize, yet. But then you begin that walk,  reminding yourself, one foot in front of the other, you're been preparing for this your entire 11-year-old adult life, you'll never be more ready--now is the time.

You jump.

Everything else fades and exhilaration pours over your body as you slice into the water. You lay beneath the surface, smiling, eyes open, looking up at the blurry shapes surroundings the deep end peering at you. Before you come up for air, you know in your heart, something life-changing has just happened. The adrenaline, the fear, the love, the anticipation, the unknown, it all falls away as you climb out of water, people surrounding you with questions and admiration. You bask in in the internal knowing that you took a chance, trusted yourself and... succeeded. Shocking yourself. 

That is how I feel right now.

Bang Bang is my high dive. It's my everything and my biggest dream. I love it and want it to be something that brings people together and creates a culture of community, passion, and happiness.

Food has always brought people together for me, I want to share that experience with others. Join me.