As a wise chef once said, “We all just try not to suck.”

We aren't your typical catering company

Bang Bang is a boutique catering company in Los Angeles. From in-home private cooking to 8 course intimate dinners or 100 person cocktail parties, Bang Bang is an all encompassing culinary program with a following for its monthly brunch pop-ups. We strive to create a deeply unique and extraordinary experience for our guests. At the core of Bang Bang is the idea that sharing a meal is something special. A time to gather. Why not use this moment  as an opportunity for something more? Foster a new relationship, become inspired, spark entrepreneurial ideas...Taste makers, influencers, visionaries, and leaders enjoying specialty food & drink, in a beautiful space, with meaningful conversation.

Just a taste of what we're into

  • Dinner parties
  • Catering for all kinds of events, large and small
  • Creative development for engaging chef-driven food service
  • In-home private chef services
  • Brunch, lots of brunch

Bang Bang Brunch Pop-up

Our pop-up brunch continues to be the fun-loving, driving force behind Bang Bang. We feel that Sunday's should be a time to relax and have a good ol' time, and maybe even meet some new friends. Bang Bang is a monthly event, with an ever changing/seasonal menu, strangers as dining companions, partnerships with local purveyors and creative entrepreneurs. As a pop-up restaurant, it is never in the same place, but instead is hosted in unique locations all over Los Angeles. One of the most dynamic and integral components of the pop-up is working with creative businesses and discovering their unique spaces. Anywhere from a retail shop, to a garden sanctuary, to an artist studio or coffee shop. The hosting space is paramount to the Bang Bang experience, and one of the most exciting aspects of the collaboration.

Bang Bang Positive Impact

In addition to establishing a unique meal and conversation, Bang Bang aims to spread awareness about local organizations and individuals that positively ignite change in the lives of those in need. We strive to partner with LA-based organizations or non-profits whose focus lies deeply in purposeful creation of their products, goods, or services. Our core values lie in the aim to be intentional and conscientious with the folks we surround ourselves with. By implementing good practices and strongly supporting/partnering with like-minded organizations, we hope to enrich our diners with not only a delicious meal, but a uniquely  uplifting experience.