Bang Bang Pop-up Brunch

Come Pop-up with us!

This brunch will be extra special, as we've partnered with Mary Lee Kitchen to host one of their famed 'Ampersand Dinners!'

A little more about what AMPERSAND DINNERS are all about:
A small group of people gather together over a shared meal to learn more about each other, but here is the deal, you can’t say your last name or what you do for a living. Ready to take the challenge? Join us!

So we're hosting this special brunch, in the style of the mystery networker! Fun, right? Of course the usual tasty components will all be there-- 4 delicious specialty courses, champagne, and good people! Join us for this wonderfully curated and deliciously fun popup!

We'll be popping up at our favorite [Feastly] loft space downtown (exact address delivered with confirmed reservations).

Oh, and one last thing... Peep the menu below!